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The Son of Light Book 2: Excerpt


The Naked Lady


It was the night of April 27th, 2018. A car sped down the street of Katella Ave in Anaheim California. Meanwhile, sprinting across the same street was a young man of nineteen with blue hair, gelled up like modern greaser. In his hand was a silver sword with dark blue edges, the hilt formed the face of a roaring, dark blue panther. He stopped to catch his breath as he examined his ripped and bloody shirt.

Then, something flashed in his eyes. The headlights of the oncoming car blinded him. It swerved to his left as he jumped out of its path and ran away. The car crashed into a tree with a thunderous bang. After a long moment or two, the driver door opened and another young man fell out. As he stood up, the moonlight clearly illuminated his face. It was Xiuhcoatl.
He was a tall man of twenty-three with a fantastic, athletic build and Aztecan tattoos on his arms. The crash had left his long black hair in a mess and he had deep cuts over his thick eyebrows. His head was ringing, but he didn’t care. He forced himself to the side of the car, trying to wipe the blood from his black and puffy left eye with his sliver silk fingerless glove. The back of the glove had a triangular symbol on it with large circles at its corners.

He jerked the back door open and his black eyes fell on a very thin boy of twelve. He was unconscious next to two backpacks. A hat had fallen from his head revealing a shaved scalp and a carving on his forehead that was similar the symbol on Xiuhcoatl’s glove. Yolotli, was his name.

“Yolotli! Yolotli!” panicked Xiuhcoatl, shaking his brother and trying to pull him out of the car.
Yolotli’s eyes fluttered, and Xiuhcoatl was overwhelmed to see that his brother was still alive. Once he got him out the car, he checked to see if his brother had been severely harmed. Luckily, there was no damage, at least no new damage. Yolotli’s face was now bathed in moonlight as well. He had scars that looked like whip marks covering his cheeks and nose.

Before either of them could speak, however, they heard a woman screaming under their car. Xiuhcoatl pushed his brother behind him as he knelt down to see her. To his great horror, he saw she was no ordinary woman. Her skin was pale and had throbbing purple veins. Her pink, bloodshot eyes locked onto Xiuhcoatl’s dark ones. She screamed louder, trying to claw her way from under the car.

“It’s them!” shouted Yolotli.

Xiuhcoatl reached quickly into the back seat of the car and grabbed the backpacks. He looked through the broken window in front of him and saw more people like the woman racing towards them at top speed. He shot out of the car.


He grabbed his brother and headed to the street, but they were met by an even greater number of the crazed people.

“Brother!” shrieked Yolotli.

Bright flashes broke through darkness, brighter than the moonlight. Shimmering waves of plasma energy were being shot at the crazed mob. As bodies hit the ground, the brothers ran down the street, hitting anything that got in their way. Xiuhcoatl fell to the ground and a group attacked him. In that moment, Yolotli took out a black dagger and slashed at his brother’s foes, aiming for their necks and faces. Blood splattered in all directions and Xiuhcoatl got to his feet punching and kicking at incoming people.

As they continued to run down the street, they cut a hard left and after a few moments, found themselves at the Anaheim Convention Center. The area was completely empty.

“What now?” panted Yolotli.

Xiuhcoatl tuned to the doors of the Convention Center.

“Let’s try in there.”

They hurried towards the doors and Xiuhcoatl extended a hand at the locks. But then he heard his brother scream.

“Brother, look!”

Xiuhcoatl turned and saw the mob of people from before pouring into the area. What was more surprising was the fact that a blue haired young man was fighting them. Xiuhcoatl felt the blood leave his face as he saw the blue haired boy cut down the crazed mob with a sword and blast them with the same plasma energy he and his brother were using.

He’s using our powers! Did father send him? Or is he from…

He felt his arm being pulled away from the doors. His brother was heaving him to another building to hide behind as they watched the boy with the sword fight.

“I didn’t know they were following us! Father must have sent him!” whispered Yolotli.

“We should kill him.”

“No. There could be more with him.”

“If Hexen’s cult wants us, then let them come. I’m sick of hiding,” said Xiuhcoatl savagely.

“Brother, please. If we get caught you know what will happen —Father,” pleaded Yolotli.

Xiuhcoatl’s eyes followed the blue haired boy as he fought closer and closer to the Convention Center. This gave him an idea as he glanced over to the Hilton Hotel. Since the sword handling boy was being overwhelmed and all the crazed people were following him, they could run across to the Hotel without being noticed.

He took his brother’s arm and started to run towards the Hotel. The cold and heavy air hit their faces as they ran down the road passing more ruined buildings and dead vegetation. They finally found their way to the doors and Xiuhcoatl blasted them open and jolted into the lobby of the Hotel. He then sealed the doors with a sticky energy substance.

“There’s no end to them!” said Xiuhcoatl panting.

“There’s another one!” shouted Yolotli.

Xiuhcoatl turned and saw a naked woman wondering aimlessly around the lobby. She had pale lips and silky black hair. His eyes widened and without a word, he dashed to her. Once he got close, he saw that she wasn’t as strange looking like the people outside. She looked less sickly. He gazed at her breasts and lips.
What a woman. The things I would do to her. Then he heard yelling coming from the end of the lobby. More crazed people were approaching.

“Brother!” panicked Yolotli again.

Xiuhcoatl made a snap decision and lifted the woman off her feet and over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s go!”

They burst out of the entrance and saw the crazed people approaching. Yolotli spotted a car. The brothers jumped in. Xiuhcoatl placed a hand on the ignition and the car started. It sped off. Inside, Yolotli beamed at the woman.

“Letting your tool think for you again!” snapped Yolotli. “Brother. We can’t do this again!”

Xiuhcoatl ignored him and continued to drive until he reached Garden Grove Chapman Ave. He saw a great big crystal church with a pink dove on the tallest building. He pulled into the driveway, jumped out, and put a hand on the gate. A triangular symbol flashed and the gate shimmered a lime green then faded.
The car stopped at the tall crystal cathedral and the boys broke open a door with a bright flash from their hands. Yolotli turned to them and put another glowing sticky energy substance on the locks. The brothers breathed out heavily.

“That should keep them out. You know the drill. Let’s start looking around,” said Xiuhcoatl.
Xiuhcoatl stretched out his arm over his head and a bright energy orb appeared illuminating the room. They set the naked woman on a bench and headed to find a kitchen. Yolotli looked around in awe. The cathedral was large and had a second floor of seats. He saw a giant pink dove on the hanging crucifix on the ceiling.

“There’s nothing here,” said Yolotli.

“Shit! Let’s search the other buildings,” said Xiuhcoatl.

Xiuhcoatl picked up the naked woman again, his heart pounding.

“Why are we taking her?” snapped Yolotli.

Xiuhcoatl ignored him and gestured him to take off the sticky substance off the door. Once opened, they started toward a group of small buildings, at least small compared to the cathedral. They approached a window and Xiuhcoatl placed a hand on it. There was another faint flash and the glass turned into dust. They crawled through the opening into a colorful room. It was a kindergarten classroom. Xiuhcoatl gently set the naked woman down onto the floor and covered her with his shirt.

Then he saw a gold ring on her right ring finger. On one side it had blue and red diamonds and on the other there were diamonds the color of fire. He slipped it off to stare at it closer. To his interest, he saw words in the inner part that read: Marcel & Tina Forever. He slipped it onto his finger, admiring it.

Yolotli walked to the classroom door and opened it cautiously. Just like the cathedral, the hallway was empty. He signaled to his brother to join him and Xiuhcoatl did so. They walked down the hall until they found a kitchen to their left. They rushed into it, looking through cabinets, the refrigerator, and microwave. But all they found were a few juice boxes, a box of crackers, and some yogurt. Xiuhcoatl let out a loud groan.

“Better than nothing,” smiled Yolotli.

“This is crap,” moaned Xiuhcoatl. “We’ll starve! I’m going to search outside.”

“Are you crazy?”

“They can’t get through. I’m just gonna check the nearby stores. You’ll be fine. Just stay in here and keep her safe.”

Yolotli rolled his eyes shaking his head.

“She’ll be the death of us! I told you, she’s one of them.”

“There’s something different about her.”

“Yeah, she’s better looking than the others. You always do this! You let your small tool do the thinking for you! That’s what got us here in the first place!” spat Yolotli. “I bet you’re using this as an excuse to get that other girl.”

Yolotli pointed at Xiuhcoatl’s black eye.

“Shut up,” groaned Xiuhcoatl. “Just stay here. I won’t be long.”

“What do we do if that guy finds us?”

“I told you. I’m tired of hiding. If he comes, we kill him. And if more come, we kill them,” said Xiuhcoatl his nostrils flared.

“I’m not going back,” said Yolotli darkly. “Please be careful. If we get caught—?

“I know. I know.”

Xiuhcoatl kissed his brother’s forehead. I am a warrior, like Sir Blanchette. Nothing can hurt me. I’ll find some food, come back to my brother, and have sex with that woman. After all, she might be different from those other freaks, but she’ll still be mindless like them. She won’t try to stop me.
He rushed down the hall with his brother back to the classroom. He winked at Yolotli, who looked decidedly fearful, and leaped out the window.

* * *

Yolotli sighed. He’s going to do something stupid. I know it, he thought. Though he feared for his brother, he was somewhat at ease knowing the invisible shield around the area kept him safe. His brother was very powerful. He couldn’t wait to be like him when he was older.

His eyes fell onto the pale woman. She does look different. She looks more human for some reason, but why? He took a closer look at her face. I know what my brother wants to do with you. Maybe you’ll give him a black eye, too. He chuckled.

The classroom was very quiet, cold, and extremely haunting. Yolotli was still very hungry. He looked around to find something to entertain himself to take his mind off his stomach. All the games and toys were too childish for him.

I wish there was a book. I forgot to get them from his bag, thought Yolotli. He looked around more and found a small TV set at the back of the room. He moved towards it and pulled it to the center of the room. He turned it on and messed with the controls. The TV went from channel to channel, none of which interested him. Then he stopped on a cartoon, The Dragon Girls meet Baby Bear. He sat next to the woman with his legs crossed.

Before the show began, however, the news came up. Yolotli saw a woman appear on the screen.

The investigation continues of the mysterious deaths of nearly all of the citizens in Valley that happened earlier this month. Hundreds of bodies are still being found in the homes in Northridge, Reseda, Granada Hills, and mainly, Woodley. Officials still have no idea of the cause of these horrible deaths.

The woman paused, picked up another sheet of paper, and then looked back up.

Our next story: More strange events baffle officials. The mystery of the strange disappearances and attacks in Anaheim, California continues. These events have been going on all mouth. Anaheim is the home of Disneyland and Baby Bear’s Dream Kingdom. Officials warntostayawayfromthe area.

Yolotli made a sour face. “For the love of Orion,” he moaned.

On more news, the school shooters who attacked Anaheim High School back in 2011…

Yolotli was tired of a watching the TV. Fearing that the news would go on and on, he stood up and shut it off. He went back to the window and looked out.

“Please watch over him, Orion.”

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